Strategic Plan

Cypress County council is looking to the future with the release of its 2022 Strategic Plan.

Forged through a series of meetings early in 2022, the plan endeavours to achieve council's vision of what the county aims to do in the next decade and beyond.

"Our council came together to make sure we're doing the best job possible for the county," said Reeve Dan Hamilton. "The new strategic plan helps ensure we don't waver from that."

The plan starts with vision and mission statements and ultimately sets forth a series of priorities by which the county will focus its efforts. From regional leadership to public safety, Cypress County is at its best when working alongside and for its stakeholders.

Councillors took guidance from their interactions with county residents and businesses, listening and asking what top priorities ought to be. From that, they undertook a week's worth of specialized planning sessions under the guidance of Sage Analytics, crystallizing a vision for the county.

"We are confident this plan will help us focus on our goals moving forward," said Hamilton. "Anything we do, we look first at these ideals to make sure it fits our vision for the county as a whole. We always have to have that in mind."