Cypress County has 2.3 million acres of pasture which is diversely used, including: dryland farming, irrigated crops, greenhouse operations, and livestock operations.
The county has multiple routes for transportation of agricultural products; Highways 1 and 3 cross the county east to west, Highway 41 crosses north to south. As the county is nestled in the southeast corner of Alberta it has excellent access to both Saskatchewan, and the Canada/US border crossing. Also the CP Railway and Crowsnest lines run parallel to Highways 1 and 3.

Cypress County agricultural profile
Cypress County partners with Palliser Economic Partnership for regional and local economic development.
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Cypress County Agriculture Profile
Southeast Alberta Agri-Food Asset Map
Southeast Alberta is the home to sunshine and agricultural crops second to none. Our area has a unique cross section of Niche Innovators that produce and market a variety of products supported by learning opportunities and a labour force specifically supporting our agriculture sector. For more information or to be a part of our map, please contact Verge Economic Development a partner of Cypress County.

  Agri-Food Asset Map