Shortgrass Library System is important to the county to provide access to library materials in the region and from across the province. Access to books, DVD's, video conferencing and electronic resources is there to help keep residents connected to leading edge information. There are two libraries in the county, in Irvine and Ralston.

Support Services

Cypress County provides funding for these services to make them more accessible to county residents:

Other Resources

  • AHS Children, Youth & Families - Addiction and Mental Health: Virtual Education
  • Togetherall is a free, safe, online peer to peer mental health community that can be accessed by all Albertans, aged 16 years and older, who are experiencing and struggling with stress and are in need of support and resources.  Togetherall is a safe and anonymous online space, available 24/7/365, for people to use when they are feeling down, struggling to cope, or just wanting to talk to someone that understands their situation.
  • OakNet - free, excellent source that provides legal information for Seniors on issues such as abuse, wills, estates, housing, scams, fraud, relationships, travel, and more.
  • Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta - CPLEA is a free source of legal information for Albertans.
If you have any questions regarding community and support services please call the office at (403) 526-2888