Regional Tourism & Recreation

Visitors to southeastern Alberta will find outstanding and unique recreation, historical and cultural places to visit.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park
This park is considered an oasis in the prairie.  It is the highest point between Ontario and the Canadian Rockies.  It consists of an upland prairie and forested area with campgrounds, trails, lakes, a snowboard/ski hill and a seasonal residential area called Elkwater. This park is connected to a similar park in the province of Saskatchewan, which includes the Fort Walsh National Historic site.

Medalta Potteries National Historic Site
Look for this attraction in the City of Medicine Hat in the 150 acre historic clay district.  Visitors to Medalta have the opportunity to walk the same path as the men & women who once worked in the factory.  Today, the factory has been transformed into a museum showcasing the people and industry that made Medicine Hat.  The Working Pottery makes replica Medalta pottery for sale – visitors can actually enter the studio and speak with workers.

Red Rock Coulee
For an outdoor hike, here is an area where the natural erosion processes have left spherical rock formations scattered amongst the dry, desert-like prairie vegetation.

Southeast Alberta Regional Map
In 2017, with financial assistance from Travel Alberta, Cypress County partnered with neighboring jurisdictions to produce the Southeast Alberta Regional Map to create an experience guide for camping and other outdoor attractions within the Region. Both Cavan Lake Campground and Sandy Point Park and Campground are great destinations for camping experiences. The Eagle Butte Road, south of Highway 1 from the Hamlet of Dunmore to the Cypress Hills Provincial Park, provides a very scenic driving experience along with wildlife viewing opportunities anytime of the year.