Fire Services


Cypress County Emergency Services strives to protect and serve the Municipality with dedication and commitment, and vows to provide the best service possible with the training and resources available in the areas of; fire suppression, emergency response, fire prevention, public education, and charitable community service.


To serve the citizens of Cypress County by providing high quality emergency and fire protection services, and to continue being a value centered fire department of which both the community and members are proud.


Commitment | Trust | Teamwork | Courage | Integrity

These core values are essential to Cypress County Emergency Services that strive towards collaborative success. 

Fire Services
Cypress County provides fire/rescue services to the entire county. The Cypress County Fire Emergency Services Department is led by the CAO, Director of Municipal Services, Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief. Stations are located in the hamlets of  Dunmore, Irvine, Hilda, Schuler, Seven Persons, Walsh, Town of Redcliff (Box Springs) as well as Cypress Hills Provincial Park Elkwater and the Onefour area. In addition, the County as has fire trucks located in CFB Suffield and Jenner.

The mission of Cypress County Emergency Services is to protect lives, property, and the environment through quality emergency response and community involvement. This mission will be achieved by career and volunteer/paid on call professionals committed to excellence and dedicated to service in Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Co-Response Services, Fire Suppression, Hazardous Materials and Natural Disaster response. A Service Agreement is in place with the City of Medicine Hat to provide supplemental and specialty services when requested. Cypress County also has Mutual Aid Agreements with surrounding municipalities to ensure that all emergency services are working together to provide effective and efficient to those in need.  

In November 2016, a Fire Master Plan was adopted by Council. The comprehensive Plan reviewed, assessed and developed a series of recommendations for the County in an effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the Fire Department and to bring it to a level that minimizes risk while maximizing fire services to the community. Cypress County is diligently working on achieving those goals and is implementing the recommendations as laid out in the plan.  
Cypress County is proud of all the men and women dedicated, trained and committed to serving their communities and those in need. A list of each Station Chief and Deputy Chief can be found below.
Fire Permits 
Fire permits are required for ALL open burning. As the County will be at a minimum of a Fire Restriction between April 1st and October 31st every year, permits will only be issued between November 1st and March 31, weather permitting. Fire permits are FREE, and valid for 3 days from the date of issue. The only exceptions are recreational fires and burn barrels with a fitted screen.
In order to ensure that residents have a clear understanding of the Fire Permitting process, a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers have been compiled. Fire Permit FAQ

Summary of Cypress County Fire Suppression Services Bylaw
Interesting facts:
  • The County is responsible for fighting and controlling fires as identified in two acts, the Forest and Prairie Protection Act and the Municipal Government Act.
  • Fire suppression personnel in Cypress County are primarily made up of volunteers with various levels of training.
  • The county is a vast and sparsely populated geographical region over 13000 km2 which ultimately results in longer response times.
  • There is usually an inadequate supply of water to offensively suppress fires.
  • As a result, the county does not and cannot provide services at a level similar or equal to urban municipalities.

What it means:

  • Any structure or vehicle fires that occur may result in a total loss and fire suppression efforts can only attempt to provide protection to secondary exposures and attempt to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • The county has mutual aid agreements with all surrounding municipalities to either have them assist us or for the county to assist when required.
  • There are methods in place to recover fire fighting costs from the person or persons who caused the fire and for responding to dangerous goods spills and vehicle collisions.
  • The County monitors the dryness levels of the grasslands and when it reaches dangerous levels a Fire Control Order is implemented prohibiting the lighting of fires.
To request a Fire Permit click here. 
As per Fire Services Bylaw 2020/05 Cypress County will be under a Fire Restriction from April 1st to October 31st every year. No Fire Permits will be issued. The Bylaw can be seen here

Box Springs Fire Station

Fire Chief Jason Linton
Deputy Fire Chief Toby Newton

Dunmore Fire Station

Fire Chief Cam Klatt
Deputy Fire Chief Jim Fus

Elkwater Fire Station

Fire Chief Les Derksen
Deputy Fire Chief Keith Fisher

Hilda Fire Station

Deputy Fire Chief Ben Entz
Deputy Fire Chief Leonard Entz

Irvine Fire Station

Fire Chief Dwayne Johnston
Deputy Fire Chief Louis Hashem

Onefour Fire Station

Fire Chief Perry Yeast
Deputy Fire Chief Travis Reesor
Deputy Fire Chief Jon Weir

Schuler Fire Station

Fire Chief Bryce Jans
Deputy Fire Chief

Seven Persons Fire Station

Fire Chief Justin Derzaph
Deputy Fire Chief Dustin Vossler

Walsh Fire Station

Fire Chief Jack Zieffle
Deputy Fire Chief Lyle Freimark


We are actively recruiting for members at the following locations:  Elkwater, Hilda, Irvine, One Four, Schuler & Walsh

Applicants may still apply for future vacancies at Box Springs, Dunmore & Seven Persons.  Applicants with NFPA 1001 qualifications may be an exception for all stations.
To apply please download the Application Form and Health Questionnaire below, complete and submit either by:
Mail to:
Emergency Services Admin Assistant
Cypress County
816 - 2nd Ave
Dunmore AB
T1B 0K3