Waste & Recycling

The County has seven solid-waste transfer sites that accept household waste and recyclables.  Hours that the various sites are open have been determined by local demand and vary.  However, most are open to the public 16 hours each week.  General household garbage is to be placed in the bins. These bins are hauled to the Redcliff Cypress Regional Landfill where the material is covered daily.  

Door to door garbage pick-up is available in Desert Blume and Irvine.  
Door to door garbage and recycling pick-up is available in Suffield.

Desert Blume $31.60 - residential per 2 months Wednesday set out by 7:00 A.M.
Irvine $8.00 - residential per 2 months Wednesday set out by 9:00 A.M.
Irvine $12.00 - commercial per 2 months Wednesday set out by 9:00 A.M.
Suffield  Rates finalized in early 2018 Wednesday set out by 8:00 A.M.

Suffield Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Service Information

Suffield Solid Waste and Recycling Calendar

Recyclable household items (carboard, paper Plastic and tin) may be collected at the following transfer sites: Dunmore, Elkwater, Hilda, Irvine, Schuler, Seven Persons and Walsh.

The Waste Bylaw has more details.  

Regional Landfill Passcards
When the local waste transfer site is closed, or for larger loads, residents can haul their refuse to the Redcliff Cypress Regional Landfill.  Residents can request a Landfill Pass Card from the County office, which allows them to haul into the landfill, without paying scale charges, to a maximum of $252 per year.