Update - Fire Ban in effect August 10, 2018

A Fire Ban is being implemented regarding all fires (including fireworks) within the boundaries of Cypress County. The Fire Ban will take effect at 3:00pm on August 10, 2018 and will remain on until conditions improve.

Please see attachments for the Fire Control Order and Fire Control System.

For any inquires please contact Cypress County office at 403-526-2888


Here are a few tips to help prevent fires:

  • Do Not drive or park vehicles in tall grass
  • Proper disposal of cigarettes. Do Not throw cigarettes out the window
  • Have fire protection equipment on site while working
  • Safety chains for trails need to be properly attached to prevent dragging
  • Recreational fire must be supervised at all times. Once you are done with the recreational fire, douse the embers and ash with water, use a stick or shovel to mix the ash and water to ensure proper extinguishment

To view the Fire Control Order click here.