Nominate a Citizen of the Year!

Citizen of the Year Award
The Cypress Courier and Cypress County Council are excited to provide the opportunity to recognize a local volunteer with this award.  The award is open to residents of Cypress County who are actively involved within their community.  As judges, County Council will be looking at criteria including citizenship, leadership, participation as a volunteer, community involvement and interest in public activities.

Nomination deadline is Friday April 28, 2017 at 4:00 pm.  Once completed, nomination forms can be returned to the Courier, in Bow Island, or to the County office in Dunmore.  The announcement of the winner will be made at the 26th Annual Cypress County Awards Banquet on May 12th, 2017 at the Desert Blume Golf Club.  

Past Recipients  

2015 Don Wong
2014  Gary & Elaine Lehr
2013  Arvid & Evonne Kurpjuweit
​2012  Leslie Nemeth
​2011  Dave & Pat Dennis
2010  Darlene Doane
2009  Bill Matuska
2008  none submitted
2007  Charmaine Wood
2006  Emmy Reesor
2005  Wilbur (Tub) Boettcher
2004  Sandy Fahlman
2003  Emma Kajewski
2002  none submitted
2001  Marion Haas
2000  Antonia Herman
1999  Susan Martin-Hudec
1998  Joyce Veale
1997  Shirley Rassmussen
1996  Lorraine Mauch
1995  Joann Paul
1994  Sharon Good
1993  Myrna Bushell
1992  Bob Thompson
1991  Kathy Krause
1990  Memory Myers
1989  Ruth Stuber