Fusarium graminearum survey

County Pest Inspectors will be conducting fusarium graminearum surveys in wheat fields throughout the county during the week of August 15-19. 

This survey is part of an Alberta Agriculture initiative to assist in determining the levels of this crop disease in the province. 

At each randomly selected location Inspectors will collect 50 wheat heads from 10 sites throughout the field. These samples are then sent off to be tested for fusarium graminearum.

Inspectors will only access fields on foot to minimize damage to standing crops.

If you have questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Jason Storch, Agricultural Supervisor at jason.storch@cypress.ab.ca.

For more information on this crop disease please visit Alberta Agriculture's Fusarium Head Blight - Frequently Asked Questions website.

Alberta's Fusarium graminearum Management Plan contains information on the importance of managing the disease, as well as best management practices to assist in controlling the disease.